Episode 8:

How to Respond When Your Child is in OCD Crisis:
The ABLE Protocol

What do you do when your child is in the midst
of an OCD crisis?

For me, this was the most challenging part of parenting a child with OCD.

I longed to fix things and make my child’s pain go away.The problem is that my efforts to fix things didn’t

After years of experimentation, my son and I developed the ABLE Protocol. It’s a simple four-
step system that works.

I will lay out the ABLE Protocol for you in this podcast episode. As with so many things about OCD, the ideas are counter-intuitive and even paradoxical.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

What causes an OCD crisis.
What doesn’t work when your child is in OCD crisis and why? 
The four steps of the ABLE Protocol.
How the ABLE Protocol has helped other families.

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Click here to get on the waiting list for The OCD Haven Community. This is a safe place to talk about your experiences, pose your questions and get support, including the #ABLE Hotline. 

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