How Do You Manage Shame?

OCD and shame seem to be tied at the hip. 

In this podcast episode we'll explore what shame is, where it comes from and how to manage it. You’ll see that shame can sabotage you as you learn to manage OCD—-or serve you.

Here are the main take-away messages:

Shame is just a feeling.  It will not kill you, although it might feel like it! Shame communicates the message that you have not lived up to the standards you set for yourself. When you have guilt, you say to yourself, "I made a mistake." When you have shame, you say to yourself, "I am a mistake." You get embarrassed when you worry what others will think of you. Click here to  listen to the podcast episode about embarrassment. 

If you think you have to earn your worthiness, you are vulnerable to feeling shame. OCD makes you more vulnerable to experiencing shame.  When you have shame, you will want to hide. The hiding can prevent you from getting to the other side of OCD. 

Shame is triggered by circumstances; however,  shame is caused by a thought that you are unworthy.  Shame leads to hiding and lying. the hiding makes shame worse. 

Here are some thoughts to manage shame:

1. Recognize the feeling of shame.

2. Don't judge yourself for having shame.

3. You can replace the thought "I'm unworthy" to "I'm worthy." The "thought ladder" can help you get there.

4. Don't hide. Speak your truth. You can send an anonymous postcard to 

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In this podcast episode, Dr. Vicki shares thoughts about what shame it, what causes it and how to manage it.

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