Episode 5:

5 Things Your Kids with OCD Want You to Know

What is your child's experience of living with OCD? Here are things people have shared with Dr. Vicki. 

There are reasons that it's hard for parents to understand what life is like for a child learning to manage OCD. In this podcast episode, Dr. Vick Rackner shares 5 messages she's  extracted from conversation with young adults who have learned to manage OCD. Here they are:

1. "I'm in the fight of my life!"

2. "I have a hard job."

3. "See me, not the OCD."

4. "You're the most important person in my life."

5.  "I'm going to do this my way. Let me make my own choices. And my own mistakes."

You will take away some ideas to put this insight into action.

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